Romain Roucoules About Romain Roucoules

Romain Roucoules (FR), lives and works in Paris and graduated from ÉCAL (Lausanne). He is working on the naturalisation of new technologies and how they challenge the way we conceive and perceive our environment. His work proposes to update issues related to the photographic medium by confronting them with contemporary means of image production.

Romain Roucoules
36 Boulevard Beaumarchais
75011 Paris
+33 6 45 16 61 67

Commercial representation
+33 6 61 15 62 39

  • Exhibitions
  • 2021
    Send me an image, C/O Berlin
  • 2020
    Act on Your future Prize, Geneva Photography Museum Photo Schweiz, Halle 622, Zürich
  • 2019
    Grand prix Photo & sustainability, Rue de Rivoli, Paris Rombaut SS20 Heels launch, Espace Niemeyer, Paris Global Solutions, Graduation show, Galerie ELAC Social Printer, JOUPH, Photoforum Pasquart, Bienne Half time, Galerie ELAC, Lausanne
  • 2018
    CREDO, Espace Arlaud, Lausanne Les rencontres d’Arles, Arles Half time, Galerie ELAC, Lausanne
  • 2017
    Rx Pop up store, Avenue de la dole 2, Lausanne Half time, Galerie ELAC, Lausanne
  • 2016
    Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé , Paris Gobelins, 73 Boulevard Saint-Marcel, Paris
  • 2015
    Exposition collective , 5 rue Dupin, Paris Exposition collective, 47 rue de Sèvres, Paris
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